TOP 5 Options for Emergency Loan

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Every person has experienced a situation of force majeure to force him to seek urgent money online. The most common question in such circumstances, of course, is how to secure the necessary extra funding.

There are several more conventional options when you need a quick credit. Over 90% of Bulgarians actually use one of them to meet their financial needs.




Applying for loans from banks is quite common in Bulgaria. However, the main disadvantage of these institutions is the speed of processing the requests and the provision of the necessary funds to the borrower.

The problem, which is rooted in the clumsiness of banking organizations, is not the taste of any candidate for funding, especially when the situation requires an urgent solution to the problem. For this reason, many people prefer to choose one of the next quicker options.



Relatives and friends

This is probably the most common option when we urgently need a quick credit . However, the probability of “approving” you in recent years in our country is diminishing considerably, because the trust between people is diminishing – this is easily visible from the half-life that our society is experiencing.

The truth is that this money-making option often hides more negatives than positives. In a few cases, we are witnessing a failed friendship, the result of dozens of years of effort, due to a given and non-repayable loan.




At first glance, pawnshops are an easy option. But secondly, it is clear why it is not a good idea to use them, namely, the fact that we have to set up an expensive and / or sentimental thing for us that we do not want to divide, but it is necessary. There is hardly any person to whom it is to taste.

It is even more unpleasant when we can not use the pledged thing in our everyday life. This also affects our way of life.



Sale of property and assets

The sale of property, property, or other type of asset is never beneficial to a person who is in need. He is inclined to serious compromises to realize the deal, and this does not produce a positive long-term outcome.

It is quite logical and almost always the seller tends to a far lower price than he would have under normal circumstances.



Non-bank credit organization

In the last years, one option crystallizes as the most suitable in Bulgaria in the event of an extraordinary monetary need. Non-bank credit organizations have stabilized the financial micro-products market and have been able to begin to form an increasingly positive opinion about the sector where consumers have almost lost faith.


Today, companies like CashCredit are able to meet consumer expectations in a number of ways, including:


  • Reasonable interest rates;
  • Transparent conditions;
  • High speed;
  • Simplified application and evaluation procedure.


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