Three possibilities of accessing payday loan consololidation

Every time we need financing we are required to present a guarantee that we will return the loan. Our payroll is one of the clearest personal guarantees that we can present since they suppose a regular and justified income. However, not all of us have payroll, for example, if we are pensioners, self-employed … For these profiles, we can also find numerous offers of financing in the form of loans without payroll. As long as our income is sufficient, justified and regular, we can request money. Next, we will look at the different types of loans we can access.

Minicredit without payroll

When we need small amounts of money urgently, mini-credits can give us up to 500 euros if we are new customers. If we have already contracted with them a mini loan, we can even increase it to 1,200 euros and, as a general rule, we have up to 30 days to return them. In addition, there are companies that accept to grant mini-credits with ASNEF. In the market there are numerous mini loans without payroll, so we can choose depending on other factors, for example:

  • If we need a little more money, MoneyMan allows us to get up to 400 euros for new clients. In addition, we have two months to return it to 1.1% TIN daily.
  • To get free financing, Vivus offers us the first mini-credit with no interest or commissions. So we can get up to 300 euros that we will reimburse in 30 days at no cost.
  • If our problem is that we are in ASNEF, PepeDinero gives us a first mini-credit of up to 250 euros, regardless of whether we are in delinquency files.

As we can see, this payday loan consolidation program is one of the possibilities in a short time and any day of the year.

Personal loans

When we do not have a payroll, there are personal loans that allow us to obtain more succulent amounts of money, up to 50,000 euros with an average of 8.74% APR. As the quantity increases, the return period is stretched to 10 years. As we have already said, the guarantee that we must present is that we have a regular, justifiable and sufficient income.

Credit cards

The last option that we present to obtain financing without payroll are credit cards. There are so different from each other as entities that emit them. The best way to find the one that suits us best is by comparing. The main difference with the other two financial products is that with the card we always have credit again as we reimburse them. So it is not necessary to request it again and again, as it happens with loans. In addition, there are credit cards with which we do not need to change banks:

Card Credit limit Cost Advantage I’m interested
Gold WiZink credit card € 10,000 27.24% APR
  • € 25 of gifts with the 1st purchase
  • Free always
  • Without changing bank
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Visa Evo Finance Classic Card € 5,000 21.00% APR
  • Free insurance
  • Free year after year
  • Without changing bank
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As we can see, these two cards are also free and offer benefits such as discounts and free insurance. If we compare the advantages and the cost of postponing purchases, we can choose a quite effective payroll financing method.

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