Should You Take A Student Loan?

Image result for student loanDespite the fact that the vast majority of education in Denmark is free, it still costs money to study – and how much you have to expect to spend on study materials and other things depends, of course, on your field of study. However, fortunately, it is possible to get your study funded by the state, so you do not have to pay for the education itself – but if you need books and laptops to manage through the semester, you must expect these extra things to be financed. of your own pocket.

Many young people today choose to commit the stupid mistake of taking really expensive loans in the form of quick loans and other types of loans on the web. These types of loans can also be a nice solution, but the biggest problem is that by far the few young people pay their loans back in time – which ultimately means they can end up in huge financial problems that can be difficult to get out of off again. But if you stand and need to move and need money here and now, there are fortunately many good alternatives. For example, if you already receive SU, you can advantageously opt for an SU loan instead. Here you can usually get up to 3000 DKK extra a month, and you do not have to pay off the loan again until you finish your education.

Image result for student loanFortunately, it doesn’t have to be an expensive pleasure to get started with the dream study. Many students today save a lot of money either by living at home – and enjoying their mother’s food. However, if you feel that you are more than ready to fly from the nest (and if your mother agrees), you may want to consider some alternative ways of living because there is no one to say that you as a student should definitely settle in. the coolest and most expensive apartment in Østerbro alone. If you go to university or high school, there is ample opportunity to stay at a college. Here you usually get a smaller room, and in some cases you will stay with others. The rent will usually be around 2000, which is not much money – and if you get a regular SU rate, it means that you have just under 3000 DKK to live for a month!

If you are not much into the idea of ​​staying at a college, there are also many students who find cheap apartments. Here there are many private landlords who rent out small one-bedroom apartments – how much these costs depend of course on whether you live in a big city or out in the country. If you live in one of the larger cities where the rent is undoubtedly higher and you do not mind sharing residence with others, you can try to find yourself a room mate – in that way there is actually a lot of money to save.

We wish you good luck with your study and at the same time hope that you will find a student loan that suits you!

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