How to get a loan and not be a victim of fraud

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The times we live today are hiding a few dangers and pitfalls to which citizens are becoming victims. Bankruptcies that have been widely spread over the past few years are part of these traps. You surely turned into a listener of a story in which a man falls asleep with a leva of 300 leva and wakes up with several thousand. Sounds scary, is not it?

What credit fraud schemes are available on the Internet

For a great deal of regret, not a minority of the victims have been trapped by visiting a company office or applying through the Internet. Regardless of the attempts of the state to stop it, the number of victims is still considerable today. It is for this reason that it is our responsibility to try to systematize some of the dangers lurking in the Internet.

One of the most important things you may have heard many times is to read the contract carefully. Ensure that each condition is completely clear and transparent. If you feel overwhelmed by the creditors about the signing of the treaty, then have one mind. This is often a serious prerequisite for additional interest and fees that have been hidden between the lines and for which you have not been notified.

How to protect yourself from those who are acting as good credit brokers

Many non-bank companies will deliberately try to get you into the financial swamp where you can sink. So, check out each page of the documents you provide.

Before completing your loan application you could become acquainted with your creditor rights. Do not think that everything you are offering is a condition that you are bound to agree on.

Remember that your rights are very much and in the event that you have any doubts, you can seek assistance from a qualified legal person to answer all your questions.

Cash Credit is a company that, in addition to being a good ally, respects the Bulgarian legislation until the last stroke. You can safely trust us and take advantage of our services. There are a few ways to contact us: online, visiting one of the 70 offices in the country or by calling 088 20 088. If you still want to take advantage of another institution, then remember some basic tips:


  • Never sign a contract if you have any doubts about the selected business;
  • Ask your relatives and friends who have borrowed. Do not allow their mistakes;
  • A well-informed consumer is the most secure against fraudulent financing companies. Read each row from end to end.


We offer you fresh money, no hidden conditions, traps and fees to find out in time. Trust us and you will make sure that you will not find a more solid ally from us!