Dental supplement insurance for the child: test finds favorable offers News always well informed
An additional dental insurance for children should offer extended benefits especially in the field of orthodontics. Because what many parents do not know when concluding a dental insurance: reimbursements for braces and other orthodontic measures are by no means self-evident. A recent test awards the best dental supplements for children.

Auf kieferorthopädische Leistungen achten
Supplementary dental insurance: Here, children are well insured

The Handelsblatt has had dental supplements for children and adults tested. In collaboration with the analysis house Morgen & Morgen, the offers were rated with up to five stars in terms of their range of services . Particularly interesting are the results of dental supplements for children. Because the test shows that by no means all rates offer services in the field of orthodontics. Nowadays almost every second child is being treated by the orthodontist . For minor malocclusions, the statutory health insurance pays nothing for clips and other measures.

Good and cheap dental insurance for the child

According to the test, an additional dental insurance for an eight-year-old child is already available for 4.67 euros per month (Deutscher Ring / Signal Iduna, tariff “ZahnBASISpur”). However, the services in this offer do not convince completely. Accordingly, the insurance receives only three stars in the investigation. Starting at 7.70 euros, however, there are rates with the best rating of five stars .

The cheapest dental supplements for children with top rating:

  • Allianz – ZahnPrivat
  • INTER – Z80
  • R + V – Tooth comfort U

Service: Are you looking for a dental insurance that offers your child good orthodontic services? Find a suitable rate from a variety of offers with the dental supplement insurance comparison calculator.


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Orthodontics: This pays the health insurance for children

Orthodontic measures are reimbursed by the health insurance under certain conditions and only partially . In some cases, adults receive benefits from the health insurance company, for example in the case of serious anomalies or after accidents . But otherwise they have to pay the costs out of their own pocket.

Clasps and Co. are subsidized in children when the malposition of the teeth or jaw falls into the orthodontic indication groups (KIG) 3 to 5. A good dental insurance for children provides a reimbursement for orthodontics in all KIG . However, parents should keep in mind that insurance usually only works if, at the time of signing the contract, there is no need for treatment by the dentist or orthodontist.

Tip: Parents can inquire with the dentist of their child before concluding an additional dental insurance, if he has already noted a possible orthodontic needs in the medical record . If this is the case, there may be problems with the supplementary insurance later. It is best to take out insurance before orthodontic problems become apparent.

Dental insurance for adults: These rates convince

There are also some dental supplements that offer orthodontic services for adults. However, the reimbursements in the field of dentures are usually more important , because here are depending on the nature and material of the replacement very high costs. According to the dental supplement insurance test convince the following rates with five stars by low contributions :

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