Can I get a loan without having a contract

Lending is fundamental to the functioning of a modern society. Thanks to this, people are given the privilege of having the necessary funds in the the desired moment. Through the micro-credit financial service, the consumer could avoid adverse circumstances or respond adequately to positive ones. What is a loan without a labor contract It is […]

At Sea with Cash Loan

  When summer knocks on the doors, everyone wakes up the desire for long walks, cold cocktails, entertainment, friends with friends and, of course, sea. It is almost impossible to spend part of the summer vacation in one of the most beautiful places, namely the beach, where the waves break into the feet. It is […]

From Merchant of Venice to Fast Loans

In 1596, the famous William Shakespeare wrote the play “The Venetian Trader,” in which he talked about the problems of a merchant who was trying to find a way to deal with a really large debt to a usurer of Jewish origin. Nowadays, usurer has been declared illegal in much of the world, but borrowers […]

Money on a loan – how to proceed reasonably

Everyone has been in a difficult financial situation and has a strong need for cash. We usually turn to help friends and relatives, but given that we live in difficult times, this is not always the most appropriate solution. In this situation, our non-bank lending companies, which have recently become the most dynamic in the […]

Money on a holiday loan – good or bad idea

Money on a loan is already being drawn for a lot, and more and more people are turning to creditors for a holiday. However, large companies in the industry recall that such an action has both advantages and a number of disadvantages. In any case, a truly wide variety of products are already available on […]

Overdue Loan

In the world of financial congestion we often live in, the options to find ourselves in a difficult monetary situation are far from being literally lurking from every angle. To avoid them we need to have several things at the same time. First of all, to be careful in our spending. Under no circumstances should […]

Should I borrow from a private person

One of the main reasons people are targeting loans from private individuals is the bank’s denial. If such a serious institution can not trust you, think seriously about your credit record or your monthly income. Perhaps they are the basis for this refused loan. Advantages Of course, the loan from a usurer saves significantly more […]

Differences between bank and non-bank loans

In today’s developed world, the bank is not the only “player” in the financial market. There are other institutions that offer similar services like the bank, although they are not in such a large volume. Non-bank financial institutions can serve a specific branch of the economy, invest in projects or lend to customers. These opportunities […]

Refinance Loan – 3 Quick Tips

Refinancing a loan is something that sometimes happens when we are unable to repay our current obligations. This is done when the deadline for repayment of the amount we owe is approaching and we are unable to meet it. Before allowing for such a step, there are usually few checks and sometimes changing conditions. CashCredit […]

TOP 5 Options for Emergency Loan

Every person has experienced a situation of force majeure to force him to seek urgent money online. The most common question in such circumstances, of course, is how to secure the necessary extra funding. There are several more conventional options when you need a quick credit. Over 90% of Bulgarians actually use one of them […]

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