Candela: "It is essential to change the financing model because the structural deficit grips the future."

Sabadell CAM counts among its clients with 80% of the companies that bill more than 6 million in the Autonomous Community

José Manuel Candela, regional director of Banco Sabadell-Cam has assured in the working meeting held with the members of Murcia Seniors Club that the Murcian companies with more sales and better projection, live moments of self-restraint when undertaking productive long-term investments term for the doubts that arose at the end of 2015.


"They negotiate the operations with us and once they have approved them, they tell us in many cases: thank you very much, but reserve it there that I will tell you when it has to be formalized," says Candela.

According to the first manager of Sabadell in the Community, the banking business is working well in the management of the working capital of these companies, which are numerous and solvent. The financing of current spending and short-term operations are going well, but the investment that provides for sustained growth and an improvement in the global economic scenario raises concerns about the uncertainty of the markets.

"We face the paradox that companies expect to sell more in 2016 and would need, for example, to change machinery, but the decision is delaying it until the clearest scenario is seen," he said.

These actions are attributed by the first executive of the entity in Murcia to the volatility that is experienced until a clearer horizon is seen. The obvious consequence of the doubt of investing in the future is that it reduces competitiveness.

Ignacio Cerezuela, president of MSC, moved the concern of SMEs in an uncertain regional context, and in terms of the growth of the demand for quality services and products of the national market.


Big enterprises

"Our market share in companies with more than six million turnover is 80 percent," says the regional director of Banco Sabadell.

Since 2012, when taking over the CAM, has transferred from the entity that model "expertise" that was already with the company. In business forums, they usually comment that the role of the bank is notorious and has become a business reference in the productive world of the Region of Murcia.

Candela says that the effect of uncertainty in individuals with mortgages has not been noticed, as a large investment by families. "The decision to buy a private individual is not conditioned now by the political circumstances and, in addition, we come from a very good year 2015".

For the territorial responsible manager of Solvia, the big real estate of Sabadell, this positivism must be put in context, "we have dragged a very bad mortgage situation."

And, last year 2015 in the Autonomous Community, Banco Sabadell Cam grew 36 percent in the mortgage loans granted, above the general 20 percent of the Region.

Public indebtedness

The indebtedness of the 7,500 million of the Community that "grips" the regional budget and the possible productive investment of the Public Administration, for José Manuel Candela is "a brutal slab and causes us to owe more than 5,000 euros each inhabitant. crisis has multiplied by eleven, and this forces to change the system of autonomic financing ".

For Candela, it will cost a lot to pay off the debt, which grips the future. "The position of Banco de Sabadell in the Region of Murcia in terms of financing current public expenses has always been clear: we are the main funders, it is a commitment that has to be that way".

The transversal nature of Murcia Seniors Club-MSC, an organization made up of businessmen, managers and professionals from different economic sectors of the Region, allows us to address these and other issues from multiple perspectives, providing enriching answers. Murcia Seniors Club-MSC is the entity responsible for the preparation of the Social Barometer of the Region of Murcia.

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