Three possibilities of accessing payday loan consololidation

Every time we need financing we are required to present a guarantee that we will return the loan. Our payroll is one of the clearest personal guarantees that we can present since they suppose a regular and justified income. However, not all of us have payroll, for example, if we are pensioners, self-employed … For these profiles, we can also find numerous offers of financing in the form of loans without payroll. As long as our income is sufficient, justified and regular, we can request money. Next, we will look at the different types of loans we can access.

Minicredit without payroll

When we need small amounts of money urgently, mini-credits can give us up to 500 euros if we are new customers. If we have already contracted with them a mini loan, we can even increase it to 1,200 euros and, as a general rule, we have up to 30 days to return them. In addition, there are companies that accept to grant mini-credits with ASNEF. In the market there are numerous mini loans without payroll, so we can choose depending on other factors, for example:

  • If we need a little more money, MoneyMan allows us to get up to 400 euros for new clients. In addition, we have two months to return it to 1.1% TIN daily.
  • To get free financing, Vivus offers us the first mini-credit with no interest or commissions. So we can get up to 300 euros that we will reimburse in 30 days at no cost.
  • If our problem is that we are in ASNEF, PepeDinero gives us a first mini-credit of up to 250 euros, regardless of whether we are in delinquency files.

As we can see, this payday loan consolidation program is one of the possibilities in a short time and any day of the year.

Personal loans

When we do not have a payroll, there are personal loans that allow us to obtain more succulent amounts of money, up to 50,000 euros with an average of 8.74% APR. As the quantity increases, the return period is stretched to 10 years. As we have already said, the guarantee that we must present is that we have a regular, justifiable and sufficient income.

Credit cards

The last option that we present to obtain financing without payroll are credit cards. There are so different from each other as entities that emit them. The best way to find the one that suits us best is by comparing. The main difference with the other two financial products is that with the card we always have credit again as we reimburse them. So it is not necessary to request it again and again, as it happens with loans. In addition, there are credit cards with which we do not need to change banks:

Card Credit limit Cost Advantage I’m interested
Gold WiZink credit card € 10,000 27.24% APR
  • € 25 of gifts with the 1st purchase
  • Free always
  • Without changing bank
Apply for
Visa Evo Finance Classic Card € 5,000 21.00% APR
  • Free insurance
  • Free year after year
  • Without changing bank
Apply for

As we can see, these two cards are also free and offer benefits such as discounts and free insurance. If we compare the advantages and the cost of postponing purchases, we can choose a quite effective payroll financing method.

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Apply for a business credit step by step with MytripleA

Solicitar crédito para negocios You already know what crowdlending is, loans between individuals, where private investors lend their money to companies that already need it in the form of loans in exchange for a return. In this post, we are going to tell you how to apply for a business credit step by step through MytripleA as a crowdlending platform. We will explain how to request it: requirements and step by step.


What type of credit for business can I request with MytripleA?


MytripleA is a crowdlending platform that dedicates its activity to financing through loans between individuals, loans that are funded by private investors to lend their money to companies or self-employed who need it.

Thanks to crowdlending platforms such as MytripleA, companies as well as self-employed or entrepreneurs can request their fast online credit for their business. Once the credit is requested and accepted by the risk department, the operations will be published in the Marketplace of our web page, and it will be then when the investors go to fund it.


Apply for a business credit with MytripleA: General requirements


The minimum requirements you must meet to apply for an online credit with MytripleA are:

  • That the requested funding is to carry out a business project, be it business, entrepreneur or self-employed. MytripleA does not offer personal or consumer loans.
  • That the company has its headquarters in Spain.
  • That the requested funding goes from 3,000 to 300,000 €.
  • That the term of the requested funding is approximate, between 1 month and 5 years.
  • That the company requesting the credit for business does not have negative own funds or continued losses.
  • That the company or its partners, as well as the self-employed applicant in his case, do not have payment incidents.


Apply for business credit with MytripleA: specific requirements


To apply for a payday loan, which you can easily do in less than 5 minutes, you will have to start by clicking on the section request a loan from our website. On the same page, by scrolling, you can find all the information about business loans for crowdlending offered by the non-bank financing platform.

Specific requirements to apply for credit for business with MytripleA for companies

In the case of being a company you will have to confirm the following data, that is, the minimum requirements without which there would be no possibility of obtaining funding for our crowdlending platform:

  • That it is a commercial company with denomination SL or SA.
  • That the company has been operating for at least 2 years with a minimum turnover of € 100,000. If not, you must click on Entrepreneur.
  • Your business should not have incidences of default.
  • The resources of the business must be positive.

Specific requirements to apply for credit for business with MytripleA for entrepreneurs

Have you been with your business project for less than two years since you opened your business? Then you will have to click on “I am an entrepreneur” and in your case you will have to verify the following data:

  • Take less than 2 years with the business. (For more seniority, apply as an independent or entrepreneur).
  • Have developed a consistent business plan.
  • Provide a personal or third party endorsement with sufficient income or assets to support my loan.

Specific requirements to apply for a business credit with MytripleA for self-employed

In the case that you are autonomous you will have to verify the following:

  • Be at least 2 years old in your business, because if you did not have them, you should request your credit for your business by clicking on “I am an entrepreneur”.
  • No incidents of non-payment.


What else do you need to apply for a business credit?

What else do you need to apply for a business credit?

Once you have verified that your profile matches one of the three previous sections you will have to fill in the following sections:

  • Purpose of the loan
  • Amount of money specified
  • Email
  • Password to sign up on the platform

Once you have the amount and term selected you can get an idea of the approximate fees. Accept the Terms and Conditions for SMEs and the Privacy Policy to continue with your request.

Financial information to request a credit for business

Once the basic data (purpose, amount, email and password) have been sent, you must include economic information about your business in order to carry out the study by our credit risk department:

  • Approximate date of the start of the business.
  • Sales carried out during the last corporation tax.
  • Verify whether or not you have negative equity in the last two years.
  • Verify that you have the possibility to provide a personal endorsement or third party (it is highly recommended to have it).
  • Verify payment incidents.

Final summary of the credit request for business

In the last tab, to request your credit for business, you can pay attention to the summary of your request, and it will be at this time when you can modify the data that may be incorrect.

Once reviewed all the information given, you can send your business credit application. It will be then when, in the last step, you will have to upload all the documentation that MytripleA requests to be able to grant you the financing. Imagine, MytripleA is going to request all the necessary information so that we can evaluate the operation.

The Government highlights that La Rioja has met in 2017 with debt and deficit targets

The Government highlights that La Rioja has met in 2017 with debt and deficit targets

  • La Rioja has met the debt and deficit targets in 2017 and closes the budget year at pre-crisis execution levels, according to the Minister of Public Administration and Finance, Alfonso Domínguez, who has shown his “satisfaction” for this fact.
Monedas, moneda, billete. Billetes, euro , euros, capital, efectivo, metálico

Coins, currency, banknote. Banknotes, euro, euros, capital, cash, metal EUROPA PRESS – Archive

Precisely, has indicated, in the subsequent appearance to the Governing Council, accompanied by the spokesperson of the regional executive, Begoña Martínez Arregui, who has informed the Council tomorrow about the closure of the budget execution for the year 2017 of the Autonomous Community of La Rioja and the Executive Financing Strategy for the current fiscal year.

In the first place, it has detailed that La Rioja has closed the year 2017 fulfilling the objective of budgetary stability in terms of public debt set by the Fiscal and Financial Policy Council for 2017 at 18.3 percent of GDP, as This morning the Bank of Spain reported. Thus, the debt of La Rioja, in absolute terms, stood at 1,570 million euros in the fourth quarter, which is 83 million more than in 2016, which have been used to finance the expenses derived from the coverage of the deficit and the return of negative settlements.

Likewise, La Rioja has met in 2017 with the objective of stability at the close of the year with a deficit of -0.39 percent, below the limit set at -0.6 percent. For the counselor “these data confirm that La Rioja is a solvent community, with credibility and a future, since it has been able to contribute to the fiscal consolidation of this country, strengthening the quality of essential public services and reducing taxes on citizens” .


In this sense, the degree of budget execution rose to 94.43 percent in 2017, “thus being at pre-crisis levels”. According to the execution data, the Government of La Rioja has given priority to social and health expenditure, since the degree of execution of SERIS reaches 99.40 percent; the Ministry of Health, 98.26 percent; Education, Training and Employment, 94.68 percent and Social Policies, 84.51 percent. The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and the Environment (92.66) and Promotion and Territorial Policy (95.05%) also stand out for their high execution.

As for the income budget, it has been executed at 94.05 percent and highlights the behavior of indirect taxes, whose execution rises to 114 percent, as a result of the improvement of the economic situation and the greater activity. Thus, in 2017, more than 327 million euros have been collected.


Domínguez stressed that in this context, “the Government of La Rioja has designed a financing strategy for the current year, which is based on three axes: the maintenance of La Rioja in the Financial Facility Fund, in extending the average life of the debt portfolio and setting interest rates, and looking for new financing formulas in the bond market. “

Thus, the regional executive has agreed to expand the accession of La Rioja in the Financial Facility Fund during the second quarter of the year and while the conditions remain favorable for the region, so it will hire a new operation with the ICO by value of 169.4 million.

This new operation is added to the one carried out for the first quarter for a value of 82.4 million euros. The Financial Facility Fund is the only funding mechanism enabled exclusively for communities that have met budget stability objectives.

The permanence of La Rioja in this mechanism allows it, on the one hand, to cover the financing needs of the Community under conditions more favorable than those currently offered by the market and, on the other, to extend the average life of the debt portfolio and to fix the interest rates before a foreseeable rise in the markets.

The Government of La Rioja will continue to adhere to this mechanism as long as its conditions continue to be favorable to the interests of the region. Otherwise, it would explore other financing channels such as the bond market, which includes the so-called responsible bonds, directly linked to social development and to finance projects with environmentally sustainable benefits.

Currently, 96.8 percent of the debt of the Autonomous Community of La Rioja is covered by long-term debt (of which, 81.5 percent are public debt issues and 15.5 percent bank loans ) and 3.2 percent in the short term.

Check here more news of La Rioja.

Is the weed born or made?

Few study groups within ecology and agriculture are baptized with a term as strong and negative as weeds . When I talk about the object of our work with friends, we do not miss the quick response by saying proverb: “weed never dies”. Even sometimes the most focused request the magic potion that ends with those annoying little plants that invade their neighborhood garden.

In the definitions given by the experts, the subjective and anthropocentric nature of the concept is clear. The Spanish Society of Malherbology (SEMh), define weeds as ” any plant or vegetation that interferes with the objectives or needs of man” . Therefore, in addition to orchards and crops, we place the weed blocking roads and ditches or spoiling the lawn of any sports facility. The characteristics that define these pioneer plants are having more than one life cycle per year, underground organs with which to regenerate, very high production of seeds , rapid growth and early flowering … The number of ‘skills’ present depends on whether we are faced with a plant with high potential as a weed.

Of the 250,000 plant species that exist, it is estimated that 3% act as weeds . Thus, although it may seem that any species has the potential to interfere with our interests, the reality is that there are characteristics that predispose this 3% to manifest pernicious behavior. We could translate more than a score of these physiological attributes into a single ecological feature: the ability to colonize and develop successfully in disturbed habitats . Do not forget that our protagonists were here long before there were crops, roads, ditches and football fields. We have simply put within their reach environments with a strong anthropization that favor their colonizing character.So, a weed is so as it affects the human being, without being something intrinsic to the biology of the plant. In fact, species classified as weeds and that can cause losses in orchards and crops, such as borage ( Borago officinalis ), are both regularly cultivated for consumption. And we go further. According to The world’s worst weeds -something as well as the bible of harmful species for agriculture-, in the top ten of weeds, we find the purslane ( Portulaca oleracea ), which is common in Portuguese greengrocers .The most paradoxical case occurs when a species of crop already harvested, for example a barley, is presented as unwanted grass in another subsequent crop on the same land. This situation is designated by the term ‘ricio’ . Could we deduce therefore that barley in this case is a weed? Yes, definitely.

1024px Vincent Willem van Gogh 058 620x297

The bad-good herbsIt seems a contradiction to try to highlight positive aspects of something that is qualified as bad in its denomination, that is why we should refer to this vegetable group with a term without pejorative load: weed plants . Protect the soil from compaction and erosion, serve as habitat to natural enemies of pests , favor the presence of pollinators , be used for medicinal and nutritional purposes are some of its benefits, in addition to its undoubted landscape and social value. How would Van Gogh have painted ‘Field of wheat with crows’ or Monet his ‘Poppies’?In addition, the presence of weeds contributes to biodiversity and ecological balance . Many times it has been the human being himself, in his eagerness to turn the fields into intensive factories of food production, which has created the ‘monster’ of the weed, causing the irruption of species difficult to control because of the elimination of companion species that exercised control over those.From this point of view, we have begun to become aware of the need for legal protection over weed communities. In its 1994 Action Plan for Biodiversity, Great Britain has already established Cereal field margin hap as one of its 46 priority habitats, defined as “swaths of land between cereal crops and the boundary with the countryside, extending within the cultivation in a specific distance, managed to favor the species under conservation “. Not everything will be panda bears and inaccessible flowers of remote peaks in conservation.*   José Manuel Martín is a technician in the Department of Plant Protection of the Institute of Agrarian Sciences (ICA) of the CSIC.Tags: agricultural sciences, CSIC Divulga, scientific culture, Institute of Agricultural Sciences, weeds | Stored in: Biology, Earth Sciences.

Candela: "It is essential to change the financing model because the structural deficit grips the future."

Sabadell CAM counts among its clients with 80% of the companies that bill more than 6 million in the Autonomous Community

José Manuel Candela, regional director of Banco Sabadell-Cam has assured in the working meeting held with the members of Murcia Seniors Club that the Murcian companies with more sales and better projection, live moments of self-restraint when undertaking productive long-term investments term for the doubts that arose at the end of 2015.


"They negotiate the operations with us and once they have approved them, they tell us in many cases: thank you very much, but reserve it there that I will tell you when it has to be formalized," says Candela.

According to the first manager of Sabadell in the Community, the banking business is working well in the management of the working capital of these companies, which are numerous and solvent. The financing of current spending and short-term operations are going well, but the investment that provides for sustained growth and an improvement in the global economic scenario raises concerns about the uncertainty of the markets.

"We face the paradox that companies expect to sell more in 2016 and would need, for example, to change machinery, but the decision is delaying it until the clearest scenario is seen," he said.

These actions are attributed by the first executive of the entity in Murcia to the volatility that is experienced until a clearer horizon is seen. The obvious consequence of the doubt of investing in the future is that it reduces competitiveness.

Ignacio Cerezuela, president of MSC, moved the concern of SMEs in an uncertain regional context, and in terms of the growth of the demand for quality services and products of the national market.


Big enterprises

"Our market share in companies with more than six million turnover is 80 percent," says the regional director of Banco Sabadell.

Since 2012, when taking over the CAM, has transferred from the entity that model "expertise" that was already with the company. In business forums, they usually comment that the role of the bank is notorious and has become a business reference in the productive world of the Region of Murcia.

Candela says that the effect of uncertainty in individuals with mortgages has not been noticed, as a large investment by families. "The decision to buy a private individual is not conditioned now by the political circumstances and, in addition, we come from a very good year 2015".

For the territorial responsible manager of Solvia, the big real estate of Sabadell, this positivism must be put in context, "we have dragged a very bad mortgage situation."

And, last year 2015 in the Autonomous Community, Banco Sabadell Cam grew 36 percent in the mortgage loans granted, above the general 20 percent of the Region.

Public indebtedness

The indebtedness of the 7,500 million of the Community that "grips" the regional budget and the possible productive investment of the Public Administration, for José Manuel Candela is "a brutal slab and causes us to owe more than 5,000 euros each inhabitant. crisis has multiplied by eleven, and this forces to change the system of autonomic financing ".

For Candela, it will cost a lot to pay off the debt, which grips the future. "The position of Banco de Sabadell in the Region of Murcia in terms of financing current public expenses has always been clear: we are the main funders, it is a commitment that has to be that way".

The transversal nature of Murcia Seniors Club-MSC, an organization made up of businessmen, managers and professionals from different economic sectors of the Region, allows us to address these and other issues from multiple perspectives, providing enriching answers. Murcia Seniors Club-MSC is the entity responsible for the preparation of the Social Barometer of the Region of Murcia.

Check here more news of Murcia.

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The wealth of families rises 20% in a year and exceeds the level before the crisis

  • The figure, which represents the difference between savings and loans, stood at 995,993 million euros in September, according to the Bank of Spain.
  • The increase in wealth is explained because savings grow at the expense of consumption and because fewer loans are requested and granted.
  • The 20 richest Spaniards equal the incomes of the poorest nine million, according to the NGO Oxfam.
Billetes de euro

Euro notes, in a file image. GTRES

The net financial wealth of Spanish families -difference between savings and loans granted- stood at 995,993 million euros in September 2013, 20.8% more than a year earlier. In this way it exceeds the level prior to the crisis, which was in 2007, but still does not reach the trillion euros of 2006.

According to the data published this Monday by the Bank of Spain , compared to the immediately previous quarter, Spanish families have seen their financial wealth grow 8.1%, considerably more than the 1.20% that grew in the second quarter.

In this way, the data links five consecutive quarters to the upside , after a brief negative streak that was recorded during the first two quarters of 2012.

The increase is explained because savings grow at the expense of consumption and because fewer loans are requested and granted . According to data from the National Institute of Statistics (INE) also referred to the second quarter of last year, family savings rose by one point because of a decline in final consumption. Regarding loans, only in the case of mortgages the INE notes that those constituted in September 2013 were almost 31% less than in the same month of 2012.

More cash and investments

The financial assets of Spanish households – cash in cash, stocks, deposits and rental securities – reached 1,856 billion euros in September, compared to 1,732 billion euros a year earlier and also higher than the 1,799 billion euros recorded at the end of June. .

In deposits and cash , families hoarded up to September 872.804 million, 35.230 million more than in the same month of 2012 and 6.327 million less than at the end of the previous quarter.

Investment in shares and other equity increased 22.8% year-on-year and reached 619,069 million.

Decrease credits

As for the financial liabilities of the families-short and long-term loans and other outstanding accounts, such as commercial loans and advances-were reduced again for the fifth consecutive quarter and stood at 860,536 million euros.

Compared to the records of September 2012, financial liabilities were reduced by 48,223 million euros , since then they amounted to 908,759 million.

Consumption has fallen back with deferred payment The data show a fall both interannual and quarterly short-term loans , which stood at 28.520 million compared to 30.641 million had been granted a year earlier and 36.473 million the previous quarter.

This means that consumption has fallen back with deferred payment , since these credits are usually used to purchase goods such as televisions or automobiles.

Long-term loans also fell in the third quarter, although in this case, they had already been falling for several quarters, specifically since December 2011, as a result of lower funding requests due to the crisis and also due to the greater hardness of the conditions imposed by the banking to lend.

Specifically, at the end of September, families residing in Spain accumulated 771,006 million in long-term loans , compared to 780,563 million in the previous quarter and 813,120 million in a year earlier.

More information about:

  • Crisis
  • Economic crisis

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Dental supplement insurance for the child: test finds favorable offers News always well informed
An additional dental insurance for children should offer extended benefits especially in the field of orthodontics. Because what many parents do not know when concluding a dental insurance: reimbursements for braces and other orthodontic measures are by no means self-evident. A recent test awards the best dental supplements for children.

Auf kieferorthopädische Leistungen achten
Supplementary dental insurance: Here, children are well insured

The Handelsblatt has had dental supplements for children and adults tested. In collaboration with the analysis house Morgen & Morgen, the offers were rated with up to five stars in terms of their range of services . Particularly interesting are the results of dental supplements for children. Because the test shows that by no means all rates offer services in the field of orthodontics. Nowadays almost every second child is being treated by the orthodontist . For minor malocclusions, the statutory health insurance pays nothing for clips and other measures.

Good and cheap dental insurance for the child

According to the test, an additional dental insurance for an eight-year-old child is already available for 4.67 euros per month (Deutscher Ring / Signal Iduna, tariff “ZahnBASISpur”). However, the services in this offer do not convince completely. Accordingly, the insurance receives only three stars in the investigation. Starting at 7.70 euros, however, there are rates with the best rating of five stars .

The cheapest dental supplements for children with top rating:

  • Allianz – ZahnPrivat
  • INTER – Z80
  • R + V – Tooth comfort U

Service: Are you looking for a dental insurance that offers your child good orthodontic services? Find a suitable rate from a variety of offers with the dental supplement insurance comparison calculator.


  • Our service for you
  • Get your health insurance now well and cheap.
  • Request a quote

Orthodontics: This pays the health insurance for children

Orthodontic measures are reimbursed by the health insurance under certain conditions and only partially . In some cases, adults receive benefits from the health insurance company, for example in the case of serious anomalies or after accidents . But otherwise they have to pay the costs out of their own pocket.

Clasps and Co. are subsidized in children when the malposition of the teeth or jaw falls into the orthodontic indication groups (KIG) 3 to 5. A good dental insurance for children provides a reimbursement for orthodontics in all KIG . However, parents should keep in mind that insurance usually only works if, at the time of signing the contract, there is no need for treatment by the dentist or orthodontist.

Tip: Parents can inquire with the dentist of their child before concluding an additional dental insurance, if he has already noted a possible orthodontic needs in the medical record . If this is the case, there may be problems with the supplementary insurance later. It is best to take out insurance before orthodontic problems become apparent.

Dental insurance for adults: These rates convince

There are also some dental supplements that offer orthodontic services for adults. However, the reimbursements in the field of dentures are usually more important , because here are depending on the nature and material of the replacement very high costs. According to the dental supplement insurance test convince the following rates with five stars by low contributions :

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A documentation delivered to the justice by the ‘junkie of money’ drove the investigation on Zaplana


Eduardo Zaplana, was arrested on Tuesday for the alleged crimes of money laundering, embezzlement and prevarication when he was president of the Valencian Community, something that happened between 1995 and 2002. This Wednesday several media report that the investigation on this matter, called Operation Erial, started from some documents delivered in court by Marcos Benavent, former manager of Imelsa, company of the Diputación de Valencia.

Benavent appeared on the scene in 2015 when he called himself “money junkie” . “I’ve taken everything, money and cash and commissions, almost everyone is on the move,” he told the media, not wanting to quote any politician. He did it upon his arrival at the courts to testify following a complaint lodged by the Imelsa managers for alleged unjustified expenses and other irregularities.

At that time, he considered turning 180 degrees , something that materialized not only with his collaboration with justice but also with a physical change: he went from his suit to a more hippy look, with very casual clothes, earrings, bracelets, long hair and a dense beard.


“I’m going to tell the truth, I’m going to cause a lot of damage, but people need to know the truth,” he warned and insisted: “Shovel is going to come out.”

It had been a few months since it had been made public that the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office was investigating irregularities in Imelsa’s hiring , following a complaint filed by EUPV, a case in which Benavent was indicted.

“Two million pelas”

Before launching those notices, the former manager of the public company had already taken to the court some recordings related to the collection of commissions that dotted, among others, the former president of the Diputación Alfonso Rus and the exconcejal of Culture of the City of Valencia María José Alcón . The first was heard counting ” One, two, 2,000, 3,000 … and 12,000 euros, two million pelas” , an extreme that Rus has always denied to ensure that this was not his voice.

In these years, Benavent has been collaborating with the judicial authorities in everything that has been claimed, going to both the Prosecutor’s Office and the court when it has been requested and delivering different documentation and hard disks related to the corrupt plot.

He has come to accuse the Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, of “being aware ” of what was happening in Imelsa, as well as the former Valencian president Francisco Camps. “The party is accused of corruption, of destroying hard drives … Denying that the president knew what was happening … Come on, I do not do it so foolish, everyone who believes what he wants,” he said.

Without ever regretting having spoken, in one of his last appearances before the media Benavent said he was “knowledgeable” of the practices on the alleged irregular financing of the Valencian PP that his former Secretary General Ricardo Costa had recognized in court. Costa admitted financing with black money and blamed Camps.

A Syrian magnet

The documentation that gave rise to the Erial operation was given to the former Imelsa manager by a Syrian imam. He would have found it in a false ceiling when he was working on his house , in the La Pagoda building, a house that had previously belonged to Zaplana, sources familiar with the investigation confirmed to Europa Press.

It would be schemes made by the hand of the former minister and allegedly collect illegal money movements. The imam saw that these were very delicate documents and gave them to Benavent, with whom he had a good relationship, so that he could keep them and do what he thought fit with them.

The “money yonki” delivered them in court in 2015 , in the germ of the Imelsa case, which at that time affected the Diputación de Valencia presided by Rus and ended up involving the popular group in the Valencian Consistory with Taula and other pieces , such as those related to the construction of schools through the public company Ciegsa. The last episode so far has ended with one of the pillars of Jose Maria Aznar’s PP behind bars.

More information about:

 More information about:

  • Zaplana
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Jordi Évole: "The money we make by 'Saved' goes to the program, not the bank"

  • 'Saved' has served ten years in La Sexta.
  • We review with Jordi Évole some of his most significant moments.

The reporting space of La Sexta directed and presented by Jordi Évole, Salvados , has been ten years old, in which it has evolved from the hooligan to the denouncing tone and in which many controversial topics have been touched. We review the keys and some moments of this decade with Évole himself.

Sell ​​'Saved', why should there be another ten years?
Ten years I do not know if I love them or me … (laughs) I do not want to sell anything. Saved is a program that the day that we have no illusion to do so will be noticed so much that it will sing like a clam and will have to be plated. The luck is that until now we have put a desire, an illusion and a passion that is what has led us to be ten years.

How did they come back to the subject of depression without announcing what the program was about?
It was something we had never done, but since the subject we were going to talk about was an issue that we hide a lot in society, we thought that the best way to promote it was to hide it. When we told the directors of the chain, he was enthusiastic.

They trusted that it would work …
We've been with the spectators for ten years. In these ten years a lot of people have joined Salvados. Nor did we know how many people would want to see Saved. And with that mutual trust we thought that we could propose that challenge.

Saved is Jordi Évole?
No. Saved is a great team that you can not even imagine. Salvados is still doing TV with a team that has the size and number of people from other eras, because television is now very precarious.

They are an exception …
One day we decided to apply a maxim that they asked of a president of Barça -I am very Barça- when they said "money in the field, not in the bank". So the money we make doing Saved is better that it's in the program than not in the bank. We invest in time and equipment and if we start doing the program fifteen people now we are forty. It is very cool.

Has the salary been raised in these ten years?
Yes, yes (laughs) I think it's almost mandatory.

Is there something you have not dared to do yet?
Because we have forbidden it, no, but surely there are things that we have not done and that is why we are still in the breach.

Any specific issue that is pending?
I would like to make a program, which I think we would have difficulty doing, to talk about our own profession. It has become a taboo subject and we live in a moment of enormous anomaly for what is happening in the media of this country. It is difficult for journalists to talk about their own media, our own and our colleagues'. We have a hard time doing self-criticism.

How was the transition from El Follonero to 'Saved'?
Without the noisemaker we could not be doing what we are doing now. Thanks to the character, especially at the beginning of Saved, we were allowed to ask in a way that if you had not had the reference of the Follonero there would have been many guests who would have said "what are you going, and this gall?".

Did it take him back to being Jordi Évole?
The transformation and leave behind the costume of the noisemaker was very little by little and it was not a decision to set a day to stop being him and start being Jordi Évole. Being such a slow transition people accepted it naturally.

Do you still call him that?
I thought that I was never going to get rid of the Follonero from above and that it is going, people are already calling me Jordi in the street, it is to be grateful.

What marked the beginning of the end of that process?
There were two key moments, with two programs in two consecutive weeks in which we talked about ETA. One of them four days before ETA announced the definitive end of the violence. There were people who asked us if we had a tip-off from ETA, because the program was called 'Erasing ETA'. We did not know. Those programs made many people say "wand, these people …". Those and the Metro Valencia marked a milestone.

Has Salvados and Jordi Évole been the school of cross-examination? Of not being satisfied with the first answer?
There have been many journalists before us who did not settle for the first response. It would not put us as a school of anything.

How many questions do you have to ask before giving up?
There is an editor of the program who always tells me that when I pick up the bone I do not let it go. In the edition we sometimes remove some, but when you hook a bone and see that the other is not telling you what you think is thinking and teasing you, then you start to gnaw the bone.

Significant moments

Let's review some moments of these ten years. For example, the one in which they were going to a meeting of Zapatero and signed down the street to a window cleaner to infiltrate.
I'm afraid I have to break the myth, because everything was assembled, it was a Cuban who was a member of the team and all we wanted was to reflect a scene of how we found it, but it was fiction, in another time of the program much more ruffled and irreverent . Yes, what happened after the Cuban, who snuck behind Zapatero and Rajoy yes that was true. It was very fun shooting.

Is it possible to keep the hooligan tone and credibility at the same time?
What was impossible was to maintain that rhythm, the Saved ones of the beginning, with three infiltrators, recordings with hidden camera … and arrived a point in which the press managers of all the political parties knew all the members of the team and saw to our camera and they went and said "where is the infiltrator?" It was a fun time but with enormous stress.

Have fun now?
Yes. Even in the most tense interview there are funny moments. As in the interview with Maduro, in which there were very tense moments and nevertheless we had a great time.

He defined that interview as an interrogation. Are you comfortable with that definition of interview? Question 'Saved'?
No, that interview had the questions he had to have. The climate that was created between Maduro and me was not a bad weather or a bad tone, but it had to be asked. What I think is that Maduro is not used to that type of interviews, although I have to thank him for answering everything, he did not shrink from anything and gave his face.
I liked the spontaneity, something that I miss in some Spanish politicians, who go by rails and from there they do not leave. Maduro is one of those who still improvises and gives a show.

Is there a trick to dealing with the powerful?
The powerful have one thing that you have to be very careful about and that is that they make you feel very comfortable when you get home. When they decide that they give you the interview, the degree of facilities they give you is so great that you can lower your guard. They treat you very well, but you have to have a waist so as not to be seduced by the environment.

In Venezuela did that happen?
No. There was a long wait because the interview was changed day. The Minister of Communication of the Government tried to make up for the delay by taking us to lunch and visit the tomb of Bolívar, a tour that was appreciated. But the next day we had to wait again from nine in the morning to four in the afternoon.

The owner of the Qatar Foundation was asked questions that he did not like at all and in his own home … Do you feel nervous or afraid when you know you are going to offend someone powerful?
You have fear before you start recording. Once you start -I do not know if the camera and the team make you a shield- it seems like you are not living it, that nothing can happen to you, that you are protected. Then you see it in the editing room and you put your hands to your head. In the case of the Qatar Foundation that man made the gesture very soon, as soon as we started asking him if he would like a homosexual to wear the Barsa shirt with the propaganda of the Qatar Foundation … That man did not understand anything.

How many times does it happen that a guest receives you with a smile and says goodbye without her?
(Laughter) Sometimes it happens. There have even been people who have risen and gone. I remember once a guest told me the fifth or sixth question "I did not expect this from you".

They went to the exclusive Conde de Godó Tournament with a group of gypsies. Do you like to face realities?
I love it, we love the program to break protocols and we felt that mixing gypsies that sell panties in a market could be fun to mix in Barcelona's upper class environment. Breaking the established has always been one of the objectives of Saved .

How do you live a moment like that, in which you create a situation that you do not know how it will turn out?
You live with many nerves. It also happened with the infiltrators. There was an infiltrator in an awards ceremony whose mission was to approach the Infanta Cristina to ask her if her savings were safe at La Caixa. Well, there was a moment when we lost communication with the infiltrator and when we got back to it we heard a noise that I will not describe and then how I pulled the chain.

He interviewed Iñaki Rekarte, for which he was criticized a lot. Does anyone deserve an interview?
For me if. I do not have to judge the interviewee. We have to ask him what we think we should ask him and we did that. And although I like in interviews to create a climate of compassion or trust, of empathy, in that interview there was nothing like that. The Basque theme has been an issue that in state media has been treated only partially, speaking with only one of the parties. In that I have a clear conscience because in Salvados we have spoken with all the parties.

Is there someone I would not interview?
Everyone has an interview. The important thing is to know the tone you should have in that interview. What I would not do is pay someone to come to the program to tell a crime or to benefit to recreate in an experience. We have not paid anyone.

Carmen Álvarez (PP) and Concha Gutiérrez (PSOE) began to argue in front of you. What is going through his head?
There is a moment in that discussion that I think "you do not know what you are doing". Look what we had told them before we started that we were going to try to have a civilized conversation, to present points of view and suddenly they became chatter and neither of them left.

He asked them if they would lower their salaries in Congress and they were blocked. Is there a point of enjoyment when a respondent is thus caught?
They are moments of silence before a question that you see that you have touched a point that they want to hide … there you appreciate the work that the script team has done. It all has to do with previous work and when it bears fruit it is rewarding.

Did you have to raise your voice at some point?
I would say there has been almost no time.

In a report to the headquarters of the PP in Valencia they were approached by a peculiar Russian gentleman …
That is one of the gifts that reality gives you. That was not agreed or was not fictional. I flip. He gave us a scene that was also very well recorded, with only one camera. It was a vaudeville time.

Have many strange people been recorded?
Yes, even people who have not been in the program. Once we were approached by the security guard of a parking lot to tell us that he was famous, that he had doubled Michael J. Fox in Back to the Future. I do not know if it was true or not, but I really liked it.

You said you were pressured not to broadcast the interview with Zaida Cantera, does that happen to you often?
Often not, but it has happened to us in a specific moment because before being broadcast there have been people who did not want it to be seen or after it was broadcast by people who have tried not to see it anymore. Be part of this game. That there will be pressures we have to assume it and then not let ourselves be overcome by those pressures. Neither we nor those responsible for the chain, which are the ones that will receive the first impact.

And how have they behaved in La Sexta with that?
I have no complaint from the chain. We have discussed a lot in some moments and according to what programs, but they have always defended us. These debates are always enriching. You are required to contrast things a lot and that is good. There has never been a resounding no.

And threats?
Once we were threatened by the Falange, by an action in the Valley of the Fallen with two Falangists who danced there a "fa-cha-cha" and we threw some flowers with the colors of the republic in Franco's tomb. They sent a somewhat threatening statement, but then they withdrew it.

What Salva's tape would save from a fire?
It would save the interview with José Luis Sampedro and the Astral documentary, about the rescue work of immigrants in the Open Arms Mediterranean. It is the great drama that we live today.

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