Apply for a business credit step by step with MytripleA

Solicitar crédito para negocios You already know what crowdlending is, loans between individuals, where private investors lend their money to companies that already need it in the form of loans in exchange for a return. In this post, we are going to tell you how to apply for a business credit step by step through MytripleA as a crowdlending platform. We will explain how to request it: requirements and step by step.


What type of credit for business can I request with MytripleA?


MytripleA is a crowdlending platform that dedicates its activity to financing through loans between individuals, loans that are funded by private investors to lend their money to companies or self-employed who need it.

Thanks to crowdlending platforms such as MytripleA, companies as well as self-employed or entrepreneurs can request their fast online credit for their business. Once the credit is requested and accepted by the risk department, the operations will be published in the Marketplace of our web page, and it will be then when the investors go to fund it.


Apply for a business credit with MytripleA: General requirements


The minimum requirements you must meet to apply for an online credit with MytripleA are:

  • That the requested funding is to carry out a business project, be it business, entrepreneur or self-employed. MytripleA does not offer personal or consumer loans.
  • That the company has its headquarters in Spain.
  • That the requested funding goes from 3,000 to 300,000 €.
  • That the term of the requested funding is approximate, between 1 month and 5 years.
  • That the company requesting the credit for business does not have negative own funds or continued losses.
  • That the company or its partners, as well as the self-employed applicant in his case, do not have payment incidents.


Apply for business credit with MytripleA: specific requirements


To apply for a payday loan, which you can easily do in less than 5 minutes, you will have to start by clicking on the section request a loan from our website. On the same page, by scrolling, you can find all the information about business loans for crowdlending offered by the non-bank financing platform.

Specific requirements to apply for credit for business with MytripleA for companies

In the case of being a company you will have to confirm the following data, that is, the minimum requirements without which there would be no possibility of obtaining funding for our crowdlending platform:

  • That it is a commercial company with denomination SL or SA.
  • That the company has been operating for at least 2 years with a minimum turnover of € 100,000. If not, you must click on Entrepreneur.
  • Your business should not have incidences of default.
  • The resources of the business must be positive.

Specific requirements to apply for credit for business with MytripleA for entrepreneurs

Have you been with your business project for less than two years since you opened your business? Then you will have to click on “I am an entrepreneur” and in your case you will have to verify the following data:

  • Take less than 2 years with the business. (For more seniority, apply as an independent or entrepreneur).
  • Have developed a consistent business plan.
  • Provide a personal or third party endorsement with sufficient income or assets to support my loan.

Specific requirements to apply for a business credit with MytripleA for self-employed

In the case that you are autonomous you will have to verify the following:

  • Be at least 2 years old in your business, because if you did not have them, you should request your credit for your business by clicking on “I am an entrepreneur”.
  • No incidents of non-payment.


What else do you need to apply for a business credit?

What else do you need to apply for a business credit?

Once you have verified that your profile matches one of the three previous sections you will have to fill in the following sections:

  • Purpose of the loan
  • Amount of money specified
  • Email
  • Password to sign up on the platform

Once you have the amount and term selected you can get an idea of the approximate fees. Accept the Terms and Conditions for SMEs and the Privacy Policy to continue with your request.

Financial information to request a credit for business

Once the basic data (purpose, amount, email and password) have been sent, you must include economic information about your business in order to carry out the study by our credit risk department:

  • Approximate date of the start of the business.
  • Sales carried out during the last corporation tax.
  • Verify whether or not you have negative equity in the last two years.
  • Verify that you have the possibility to provide a personal endorsement or third party (it is highly recommended to have it).
  • Verify payment incidents.

Final summary of the credit request for business

In the last tab, to request your credit for business, you can pay attention to the summary of your request, and it will be at this time when you can modify the data that may be incorrect.

Once reviewed all the information given, you can send your business credit application. It will be then when, in the last step, you will have to upload all the documentation that MytripleA requests to be able to grant you the financing. Imagine, MytripleA is going to request all the necessary information so that we can evaluate the operation.